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Vizslas and Border Collies- oh my! Best buds.

Vizslas and Border Collies- oh my! Best buds.

Officially getting my feet wet in the wild world of dog blogging. I guess, specifically, agility but there will be so many other things scattered amongst the stories of training& trials that I think saying it focuses solely on agility isn’t fair to me. I don’t know enough about it to maintain a blog about it! There will be success stories, failure stories (these will probably outnumber the success stories), product reviews& lots of photos. What’s a blog without beautiful photos to go along with it, am I right? Photos are pretty much my favorite thing ever, and so are videos so you’ll probably see quite a few of those scattered around this place as well! I try to make a point to drag my camera along when we do different things and go different places because looking back on the memories is worth it, in my opinion! Okay so, I guess my first post should introduce you to the namesakes of this blog. Copper& Chaos, their loving nicknames given to them by my mother. Their real names are Penny (Copper) and Briar (Chaos).


Penny, after her swim in the above photo ended!

Penny, after her swim in the above photo ended!

So, we’ll start with my actual dog. Penny is my 15 month old Vizsla. She has been an absolutely lovely addition into my world. She is just a hilarious personality and I could not imagine my world without her. We do everything together from hike, hunt& play agility to getting frustrated at one another and snuggling. Seriously. Is there a more snuggly breed in the entire world than a Vizsla? I’m leaning towards no ..though, I will accept puppies of multiple different breeds just to test that theory. So, please, pass me a puppy! This blog will chronicle my attempts to train my first agility dog and an off breed dog at that! Penny came into my life as a running partner& I will say that she has excelled at getting me off my lazy bum& out doing something. Every day I have a choice. Get up, brave the weather and use up Penny’s energy or don’t and suffer the consequences. Trust me ..the consequences are grave and not usually worth staying indoors. I’ve learned I’m not sugar so I won’t melt in the rain nor am I going to freeze to death or blow away in the winter and winds. Her energy levels are insane. A prime example? Today I took her for a 1.5hr hike, off leash. She WILL NOT go settle still and has all kinds of anxious energy. Is it bad if you give your dog Gravol just to put her to sleep?! Kidding, kidding. Sort of.


Briar thinks it's about time to go BACK to the water ..

Briar thinks it’s about time to go BACK to the water ..

Honestly, the name Chaos could not be more fitting for Briar the brown Border Collie. He gives his absolute, 110% on everything you ask him to do. He will take a line in agility to the point of running himself THROUGH the jump standards. He has no concept of ‘stop’ and would work himself into the ground, at top speed, if you didn’t force him to take a break. I don’t think I have ever gotten as many compliments as I do now that I walk around with him at an agility trial. Someone always has something lovely to say about this boy ..and I cannot even be humble because I agree with every positive comment you could ever make about him! Briar isn’t actually my dog. He belongs to the man who got my love for agility started and he is kind enough to let me train and compete with Briar. An experience that I will always be grateful for having. Not many people just coming into agility get the opportunity to run a fully trained dog all the time. Briar& his owner have taught me more than I could ever put into words. They’ve both helped me so much with Penny, especially because without them, I wouldn’t have even bothered with this sport! I live in a small community& there is only one local agility group and they are non-competitive. So glad I found Briar& his owner when I did. I can’t ever remember being so pleasantly busy!

This is, also, my first time trying out WordPress for a blog host instead of Blogger. I’m lazy& made my very first blog on Blogger and just kept the same account forever, updating new blogs. It worked for me but I felt like it was time for a more ‘grown up’ platform, so here I am. It’s taking some adjusting but in general I think WordPress& I will manage to get along fine together. If there are any weird kinks in this post (can I blame any typos on this new blog interface? No? Okay.) let me know and I’ll see if I can figure out how to make it work better. I think there will be a little bit of an adjustment period but hopefully it goes smoothly& quickly. In the meantime, feel free to eave some comments about the blog in general, your pets (horses? dogs? iguanas?) and anything else I might find interesting! Now, I’m off to go snuggle with my little red monster& I look forward to hearing your opinions on the newest agility blog in town!


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