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It’s officially autumn in Cape Breton. There are gorgeous colors, the weather is crisp and the days are getting shorter. Too bad winter follows such a glorious season! The dogs and I have been getting lots of practice in& going for hikes. In fact, it’s Thanksgiving weekend and once I hit ‘Publish Post’, I’m going out to take advantage of yet another lovely autumn day by hiking with my red dog! Every year, I’m going to make it a point to get photos with my girl this time of year& my boyfriend doesn’t know it yet but we’re doing it again on Monday. I just know he’s going to be so excited!

Since I don’t have this years photos of autumn portraits done, I figured I’d share some photos from last year when baby Penny was only 3 months old. I cannot believe how fast time is going with my puppy! And, looking back, the photos we took last year weren’t that fabulous in terms of seeing spectacular autumn colors.


Here’s an absolutely favorite of me& my babydog from last year. Typical Penny, she’s looking for something more interesting than hanging out with her mom. We took these photos before we let her have her romp around the woods. It was excruciating to stay with us and pay attention for so long (10 minutes..)! I have a bunch of photos like these from last year but this year I’ll remember to bring the tripod and hopefully get some better composed shots and more fun fall colors in! We’re going on a serious photo mission Monday afternoon so by Monday evening I should have some good shots to share. Moving along from self-portraits to photos with just the star of the show in them-


How can you NOT love this photo of Penn? This was a particularly chilly morning& most of the leaves had fallen and were brown by this point, but  I still consider this an ‘autumn’ photo and I still absolutely adore it. I don’t know why, but it’s easily a favorite of my beautiful girl. See the big difference in the maturity of her face between the two shots?! And they were only about 2 weeks apart.

**Note to people with puppies or getting puppies soon- ENJOY IT! Don’t wish away the puppy moments because looking bad you’ll be wondering where the heck did they go and why didn’t you document them more and take more time to appreciate the little monster in your world!


And one last, quick snapshot just to show how beautiful the colors are where I live and how sweet my flying puppy was with her ginormous ears! This is our favorite spot ever’s where we’re headed as soon we walk out the door! Penny is especially hard to find in the woods in the autumn, she matches fall foliage very well.

Okay, that’s probably enough Penny photos for one post! So, do you guys out there have a favorite season? Do you take crazy amounts of your animals during that season? I, oddly enough, don’t document my dog nearly as much as I should because I find dragging my camera along detracts from being in the moment with her. I have even fewer photos of Briar. I am going to make a promise to myself to take more photos and videos than just at a trial. And I promise, for you Border Collie people, my next post will be about Briar!

Oh, and happy Thanksgiving weekend to all my Canadian friends out there!


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