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So, we’ve covered the ridiculous things my lovely Vizsla does in her spare time ..she’s far from a serious dog. Briar, on the other hand, takes everything very seriously. He has 100% focus on whatever he’s being asked to do at that time. Play agility? All day. Chase the ball? All day. He is willing to try anything I ask him and he constantly makes me look good on the agility field ..even when I have no idea what I’m doing. After playing agility for only 4wks, I went to a fun run& took first place. It was all Briar ..I memorized the course and pointed to the obstacles, hoping he’d pick up my slack. He did! And has consistently ever since that day, as well. Most of my photos& videos of Briar are from agility trials because we don’t tend to document our training sessions as much as we should be.

Our second trial resulted in 3/4 clean runs, first places& Qs!

Our second trial resulted in 3/4 clean runs, first places& Qs!

Can you seriously ask for a better companion out there than a dog who gives his absolute everything?! Whatever happens in my agility career, I will be eternally grateful that I got to start my  hand in competitions with the most fabulous brown Border Collie I will ever meet! He is a speed demon on the course, loves playing the sport with every bone in his body& loves me enough to try his hardest to make sure I don’t look like too much of a fool when we’re out there. I have gotten so many compliments on him ever since we debuted at our first trial and it makes me so happy. Agility is one of the only places people would be able to appreciate so much chaos in such a little four legged creature. I’m sure non-dog sport folks wonder why anything with that much crazy in it would appeal to anyone.. and while he is crazy a solid 99% of the time, he does manage some down time as well.

A sleepy Border Collie is a wonderful sight!

A sleepy Border Collie is a wonderful and rare sight!

It’s hard to believe that Mr. B is only three years old and already such a fabulous dog. I am so happy that him& Grant came into my life to let me learn agility with them. I am so much better for it and there are not many people in this world who would be so kind as to let someone else run their dog as consistently as I get to run Briar. It was pure luck that I would find the local agility group at the exact time Grant was looking for a runner for his dog. I know it’s selfish but can I say I’m so glad the other person didn’t end up working out?! I have so, so much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving weekend and every day, really. I am lucky enough to be in the company of two fabulous dogs daily, I have a boyfriend who doesn’t mind that I spend my free time playing with dogs or away at clinics& trials, my parents for letting us train in their amazing backyard all summer& all the new people and experiences I’ve had since discovering this fabulous sport. Thank you, to everyone, for being kind to me. And a giant thank you to Briar for always putting his whole heart into everything I ask& never questioning me ..


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