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Typical siblings.. can't decide whether they are best friends or mortal enemies!

Typical siblings.. can’t decide whether they are best friends or mortal enemies!


In an effort to provide this blog with some serious agility content, I made a promise to force Grant to tape my runs with Briar& Penny. Saturday we did a sequence B& Grants seminar with Justine Davenport. It was fairly tricky but Briar& I nailed it ..Penny? Well, Penn was having an off day. That said, she does look semi-decent in the video I have of her. So, I guess I’ll post her video first.

So, if anyone can tell me the 15 things (at least) that I did wrong?! I’m kidding ..this was pretty good for the red dog because she really just wasn’t feeling it on Monday. Mostly, anytime she pays attention I’m happy but thanks to 200 things (slight exaggeration) to work on for her focus, I realize now that she’s paying better attention I want more speed& drive from her. I’ll have to make a point to take video some day she’s really feeling like a speed demon. Her new Kong frisbee seems to work ..but will it hold up to the tugging?! And, yes. I missed every single blind cross chance pretty much with her because she seemed to be a major weirdo about her pushes. I have no idea why but we worked on it& it seems to have resolved.  In the second run, you’ll notice how lovely her A-frame is ..if you ignore that missed contact. We’re ignoring it for now because she hits them 80% of the time and I’ve done 0% training with her on it. Eventually, we’ll work on it once I figure out how to do running contacts. I should probably order a video or something to figure that out ..anyway. That’s Penn’s video& my semi-analysis of it. Onto the brown Border Collie.

So, Mr. B has a much shorter clip because he’s a much faster dog with more drive for the sport. That’s okay though because you’ll notice he also has a knock in his first run AND an off-course in his second. Granted, they were also both 100% my fault but let’s ignore that little factor for now. He also has a super messy A-frame and that’s sort of my fault but I think mostly his because of his chaotic approach to it. If I didn’t mute the clip with music, you would hear me yelling ‘easy, easy, easy’ and him still blowing past me AND not stopping at the contact zone ..that crazy brown dog. I had a bad front cross to cause the knock ..I had a bad front cross with Penn as well but her speed is more forgiving to my crappy handling! This was also the first time I’d run Briar in over a month considering that, I’ll consider these two sequences a success and move on from it!

Tomorrow will be a rain day, so there will be minimal (if any) outdoor training occurring. Maybe I’ll get Penn to work on her handstands. Tomorrow is also the start of my weekend I can promise lots of agility videos/ photos coming your way throughout the weekend. I do believe the weather is supposed to cooperate with us& hoping I get some drive& lots of focus from my red dog on film! I need someone to believe me that she does, on occasion, have some serious speed behind her in a course. Short, fun sequences for the next little while for us.


That’s it for tonight ..I’m off to snuggle my dog& watch Sons of Anarchy with my boyfriend. Here’s to all kinds of training success with our animals& to lots of cuddle time with them as well.


2 comments on “Justine Davenport

  1. Ruth Turner
    October 20, 2013

    Your 2nd run with Briar is fantastic! Nice distance round back of jumps and lovely blind crosses in the right places. Gorgeous!

    • yv0nnej
      October 20, 2013

      Thanks so much! Briar is the best dog ..seriously love him. My Vizsla is a MUCH bigger struggle in the agility ring!

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