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I have been so busy lately that Briar hasn’t been seeing too much of me! The last time we hung out was Sunday after I finished my 10k run. Him& Penn were there to cheer me on ..they are such good 4-legged friends. My weekdays are insanely busy so I have to make a point to see him& train. Otherwise, we’ll never be ready for Regionals in June!

Every Tuesday evening, a group of agility people get together via Facebook messaging& discuss how we would handle a specific course. So, tonight was our first night of ‘meeting’ again since starting to run with the new system. We discussed this course:

Actually, not that difficult to discuss. Running may be another beast entirely!

Actually, not that difficult to discuss. Running may be another beast entirely!

Every time we have these little dates, I walk away feeling like I learned so much. It’s nice to hear how others would handle the same sequences& funny to think about how differently you would need to handle different dogs. The course for next week is posted& I’m going to make a point to get Briar& I’s attempt to run this on camera. We will set it up in my parents backyard this coming Thursday or Friday. I was told there pretty much wasn’t a hope in hell of running next weeks course clean ..challenge accepted! I have full faith in my brown dog& I have some faith in me to be able to point at, run to& yell loud in time to get Briar around the course to where he needs to be.

Running a course online regularly also has some neat advantages. It makes my walkthroughs at trials so much easier because when I see a map, I instantly start to think of 10 ways we discussed how to handle a similar sequence& have an (albeit small) bag of tricks up my sleeve in case something happens& Briar& I don’t end up in the exact right spot ..this only happens every second obstacle for us. I am loving that we are getting the courses the week before we discuss them this time so we can run them& find out what works or doesn’t work for our particular dogs& handling skills. Does anyone else meet regularly with other people to discuss agility tactics? It’s so nice to be able to show off what you know (I do this never ..I know nothing) and admit defeat when you have no idea how you’d run a certain sequence of jumps (I’m more familiar with this end of the discussion) but have 3+ options appear for how others would tackle it.

Briar says 'I don't care about your tactics. LET'S PLAY!'

Briar says ‘I don’t care about your tactics. LET’S PLAY!’

If anyone decides to set up this course, you should probably videotape it& post it somewhere& tell me where so I can watch it! One person videotaped their run for this evenings course but a bunch of people ran it. I didn’t because I’m a huge slacker& haven’t even trained really since Friday. I should probably work on that.. feel free to leave some motivating comments below! Happy Tuesday, everyone :)


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