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In the agility ring, it’s all about you& your dog. It’s only you two that matter& your connection. The rest of it all fades away once the timer yells ‘GO!’ and all you can think is ‘I hope all our hard work pays off for this course’ but there is a lot that has to happen before you ever get to that part. You need support from people in your life. I am so, so lucky because I have so many people in my world who want to see me do well& are willing to play along with my crazy dreams of success. I could literally write a novel about every single person on this list but I’ll spare you guys the mush& gloss over them ;)

Let's talk about our training field for a second!

Let’s talk about our training field for a second!

How lucky am I that this is where I get to train?! It’s my parents backyard. For the entire spring, summer& autumn, they let us monopolize their yard with jumps, teeters, dog walks, weaves& A-frame. I mean ..we literally took up their whole yard for months. There aren’t too many people who have a place to set up& run full courses as often as they want! Also, my parents were more than happy to feed us, give us wine, videotape our runs& play fetch for endless hours with both dogs. Really? I am pretty sure I won the parental lottery when I ended up with those two! Thanks, mom& dad, for always being such awesome people! We truly appreciate everything you do for us!

The guy in this photo is the elusive Grant (Briar's real owner)!

The guy in this photo is the elusive Grant (Briar’s real owner)!

I wouldn’t even be doing agility if it wasn’t for Grant. The local club here wouldn’t let Penny join when I got her because they wouldn’t take puppies. Thankfully, Grant swooped in& gave me the chance to not only train with him but the opportunity to run Briar, as well. I can seriously never thank him enough for taking me under his wing& treating me SO WELL last agility season. I have been forever spoiled by running such an honest dog as Briar and such a great trainer and friend as Grant! It has truly been amazing to step into the agility world.. everyone is so kind& friendly and the only thing I hate? Volunteering ;)

Here's a photo of me, my boyfriend& the red dog.

Here’s a photo of me, my boyfriend& the red dog.

I couldn’t write a post about the people who support me without including my boyfriend. Not too many people will tolerate their significant other filling the yard with agility jumps, spending all their free time 4hrs away at trials& with dogs. Garret has been nothing short of amazing in my agility journey. He has always provided a clear head when I was busy being upset with myself, Penny or a trial. He has never complained once about the time I spend with the dogs ..and if you knew just how much time I spent with dogs, you’d realize how amazing of a feat that was! Thanks for always being there to cheer me on, give me perspective& love Penny& I unconditionally! It’s much appreciated!

Then, there are all the people who have played smaller but still important roles. Trainers in Halifax, people at trials who had kind words to say, Jess Martin for not kicking the worst students out of her class, the people from the hunt trial (which I will blog about someday), the ladies from rally class& pretty much everyone who has ever commented on my agility with a positive word. It means so much when you’re a new person to hear that you are doing well& that everyone has days where they wonder if it would be less painful to just pile your money into a bag& burn it all. Not that all my days are like that& even when they are, knowing how lucky I am to have such incredible support& dogs in my life still makes it worth it!

Best friends& genuinely amazing 4 legged partners!

Best friends& genuinely amazing 4 legged partners!

So, does everyone else have someone who helped get you through the journey of agility or just training an animal in general? Was there one person who stood out to help get your feet wet in the sport or one person who was so supportive that you knew you could never disappoint them? I cannot think of anything better than knowing people believe in you& your dreams!


2 comments on “Positive Influences

  1. Mom
    October 25, 2013

    Thanks Sweetie, you can train, eat or visit here anytime… I enjoyed the companyover the spring, summer, fall… it is an easy job to support you in success!! xo

    • yv0nnej
      October 25, 2013

      XO! You know I’ll always gladly sow up for all three of those things ..but sweet& sour chicken is most likely to get me there the fastest ;)

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