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So, we played agility this afternoon in Grants yard this afternoon. Set up a piece from the course for next week ..which I will post on Tuesday along with how I would run it. Towards the end, I remembered that I should probably grab the camera& get Grant to get some footage! Briar, like always, nailed it. Penny, like always, had moments of brilliance. I, like always, was amazed the dogs worked so well despite my poor handling (what’s up backwards run on that threadle rear cross? Also, Penn wouldn’t take that ..maybe because I haven’t worked on it in forever? Oh well. She knocked her weaves out of the park so that’s pretty much all that matters because I also haven’t really been working on weaves. I am pretty much the most inconsistent dog trainer ever. I just hope she’ll still do everything I ask despite not working on it for days& days ..oops?

I tried to get more fun music for the video, but my iTunes is broken and I ended up only with aggravation. So, there are a lot of mistakes in this but can I do a mini-brag for Penny? She did PERFECT threadles, she knocked her weaves out of the park (just learning them& was her first time doing 8 closed weaves!)& she did her blind crosses like a champ. Also, she tugged and had SO MUCH focus. Love it. Love love love that red dog when she does what she is supposed to do! Briar is pretty much just always perfect. So just re-watch his clip if you want to see what I’d brag about ..nailed it. That knocked bar was also my fault due to a late signal.

Someday, I will learn to give the signal before I think I actually need to. He’s just so fast.. but, if we’re going to win Regionals (and trust me ..I’m gunning for this to occur) then we have to train hard& I have to learn to be a much better handler before June! It is going to be a very exciting summer.

Looking majestic during our hike the other day!

Looking majestic during our hike the other day!

Penny won’t be heading to Regionals this year.. well, technically she will but she won’t get to step foot on the course. She’ll be attending in the position of ‘cheerleader’. Her focus issues are really starting to come along& I am officially going back to Jess Martin in 3wks. I will know people at this one, so hopefully get some video of us running/ her running away (please, god. No.) to have to share on here. In the meantime, we’re rotating between training alone, with doggy distractions and enjoying the lovely autumn weather. Seriously ..come to Cape Breton in the autumn! It’s pretty much the only time the island is lovely.

Can you even beat this view?!

Can you even beat this view?!


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