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Every once in awhile, I make my little family pack up& take group photos. Let me tell you ..Penny& Garret look forward to these days so much. Imagine me saying that last sentence as sarcastic as possible. I usually have to beg to get those two in photos with me. For Penny, I make promises of treats& off-leash adventures. For Garret? Food& coffee. Works like a charm.. just kidding. It still takes a lot of convincing and begging.

Doesn't this look like SO MUCH FUN?!

Doesn’t this look like SO MUCH FUN?!

Penn literally could not be bothered to focus this afternoon, Garret wanted to go work on his 4-wheeler& I forgot the shutter remote. Pretty much a perfect start to our photo adventures. Then, we arrive at our destination only to discover that there are actually other people there ..the one time I’ve gone there& ran into another vehicle in the parking area. There were FOUR cars there! It is always awkward when you have a camera, tripod& just hang out in the woods taking photos of yourself with people watching. We persevered though. Sort of. We spent a lot of time trying to convince the red dog that sitting still& posing for photos was 100% more exciting than running wildly through the woods chasing animals. I’m not sure we entirely convinced her but I did have some delicious treats to help sway her to make the correct decision.

Reality of 9 out of 10 of our photos.

Reality of 9 out of 10 of our photos.

I think we managed to take photos for about 30 minutes before calling it quits& just sort of praying that we had some shots worth keeping. We did manage to take a few keepers but honestly? The outtakes are far more hilarious. The accuracy of our day-to-day lives depicted in them just cracks me up. In the photo above, Garret had managed to get Penn to sit nicely, I hit the shutter button& quickly walked to where they were standing. Then, a bird chirped, Penny spun to see it& I cracked up laughing because I was quickly realized we weren’t getting anywhere with this session. It also sort of looks like my hand is clenched because I’m thinking about punching her but I swear I was just holding a treat to get her attention (..and maybe thinking about punching her a little?! Kidding, kidding)! Does anyone else ever brave the art of self-portraits to try& get some memories on camera? Any tips or tricks you’ve picked up? Please, share them if you have them!!

I will admit to absolutely adoring this photo of my girl& I!

I will admit to absolutely adoring this photo of my girl& I!

This was one of the photos Garret snapped of Penn& I. It’s easily a new favorite. For every single struggle& doubt I ever have about my girl in agility, I know that she is 100% the right dog to be in my life. I wouldn’t trade her for all the herders in the world ..except, maybe, Mr. B! She is just so, so, so much the light of my life. I just couldn’t ask for a more perfect personality match for myself. I love my Vizsla <3

If I was you, I would make a mental note to check back to my blog tomorrow. We are doing a fun run 5k Halloween theme tomorrow. Penn& I have, hands down, the most hilarious couples costume. Can anyone guess what we’re going to be? There’s just simply no way you can guess. It’s so funny& only happened because our original costume idea ended up not working out.


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  1. palkuat
    November 25, 2013

    Thanks for visiting my page!
    I like yours, although I was a bit scared, because your Viszla looks exactly like mine :-)

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