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Halloween Weekend!

Because I’m basically a senior citizen these days, I celebrated Halloween weekend by going for a drive with my little family, getting costumes prepared& drinking tea. I’m not even kidding. So, we had a fun evening then this morning I woke up early to pouring rain. I mean insane amounts of rain. If I didn’t have such a fabulous costume for Penny, I would have said frig it& rolled over to go back to sleep. As it was, I had to go show her off to all the runners.

Katy Perry& her manager ..can you guess which one is the pop star?!

Katy Perry& her manager ..can you guess which one is the pop star?!

Look at that costume. It needed to be shown off. So, I messaged one of my running friends& away we went to field for the run. The kids run was before ours& boy, did they come out in force! So many kids in costumes, braving the weather. I will point out, though, that the kids got medals while the adults did not. How rude ;) Penny was heartbroken she didn’t win an award for fastest canine! She was definitely the star of the show. I think 50 photos were taken of her, at least.

Penn is becoming quiet the ambassador for allowing dogs in road races, as she is always appropriately behaved& just a joy to be around. With that, I’m managing to collect quite a few running photos with my dog in them. Last winter, we did the Ugly Sweater run (she was only 5 months old then, so she only ran part of it with me but this year she’s doing all of it) and she was the star of the show back then as well!

Running with Meg ..we were dying a slow, cold death at this point.

Running with Meg ..we were dying a slow, cold death at this point.

So, does anyone else run with their dog? It’s probably one of my favorite ways to hang out with Penny ..I think she wishes her momma had a much speedier pace. Sorry, Penn! And now, it’s still raining out& I’ve long since changed into jogging pants& my tshirt from the race today (Pumpkin 5K ..there’s a giant orange pumpkin in running shoes on it for the win!) with the only plans being snuggle my dog& watch horror movies! Lazy Sunday afternoon/ evenings are the best! Happy Halloween weekend did you spend it?


2 comments on “Halloween Weekend!

  1. Em
    October 27, 2013

    Dogs in road races!!!how awesome!! I don’t think there’s any runs here that allow them. Boooo. I’m planning on going for a run this evening in our normal walking park- figured we’d cover more distance that way. Wish me luck- I haven’t run for about 6 months ;)

    • yv0nnej
      October 28, 2013

      Hope your run went fantastic! I have tried to be a good dog owner& help race directors make the decision to allow it more often (still rare) :)

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