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Two bad dogs practicing their sit/stays ..not happy campers!

Two bad dogs practicing their sit/stays ..not happy campers!

It happened. Penny FINALLY has a full set of weaves. This is a small miracle because I absolutely hated training weaves felt like forever with no progress. Thank god for Grant or else she’d still just be running through open weaves. I am a giant slacker when it comes to training. Poor Penn doesn’t have much to work with in her handler ;) Kidding aside, in all fairness to me, Penn has had weaves for about 3 days now. She started learning around the last week of August ..then I kind of just didn’t work on them for an entire month. Then it took her 4 days to get a set of 12. I think my dog is smarter than me! Here’s the video of us playing around one night with in late August-

If you can see that  in my video description, I was very optimistic to have weaves accomplished before October ..and you’ll note the date on the calendar now. Oops? Oh well. She was running 10 open weaves.. but YES! We did do the 2×2 method. The above video was when I just wanted to see if she understood the theory of running between the bars. She did& my curiosity was satisfied so we went back to traditional 2×2 ..until she had 6 weaves and I got bored with it so just started adding the poles closed. I get bored too easy. What can I say? So, as of November 2nd I have official proof of my weaving Vizsla-

This was at the start of our training session& she was just getting warmed up. Her weaves ARE faster than this but my camera died so we didn’t end up getting any better videos once she was really cruising coming out of the tunnel! So, that’s my brag for the day. Actually, that’s probably my brag until after we get back from the trial!

Does anyone else out there have any brags for their animals? It feels so nice to finally accomplish a goal ..thinking that teaching weaves was hard work& I’m glad I won’t have a new dog for at least 2yrs ;) Time to just relax from here on out!


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