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Tonight was the night we break from routine. Penn spent this afternoon with Briar doing agility (and I so should have filmed it. She was FLYING!) but then we switched gears. Every Wednesday evening, we pack ourselves up and go hang out with some poodles. Penn stands out like a sore thumb. So why do we do it and where do we go?

Penny contemplating if she likes poodles or not..

Penny contemplating if she likes poodles or not..

Well, once every week we go to rally. It’s at the local German Shepherd Club and when we got back from the Jess Martin seminar with a new game plan- get focus- I made a group decision that rally was probably a good place to also start working on focus. So, about 1.5 months ago, we started rally. It’s hilarious because we have all these fabulous little rally dogs (mostly poodles but some Goldens, Portuguese  Water Dog& others I can’t remember) and then there’s the hurricane on legs. That would be the lone Vizsla in the class. Her name is Penny.

Rally has seriously been helping us though. I bring hot dogs& we spend the entire 60 minutes paying attention to me& only me while all the other dogs do their patterns (or courses?). Then she has her turn. It’s hilarious to watch Penny try to heel’s more like GIVEMETHETREATGIVEMETHETREATHOWABOUTNOW? and then we can do the little station tasks and back to our ‘heel’. At least it makes everyone else laugh ..and, despite that the other dogs do rally, Penny still knows way more tricks than them. And they Poodles are the smartest breed ;)

I am kidding, of course. We do seriously love our once-a-week rally evenings and I’m considering teaching Penn a very nice heel because I a. love the look of it& b. think it would shock the heck out of everyone who has seen Penny walk on a leash! If you are considering rally, 100% do it! It’s so fun ..and this coming from someone who thought that she would hate it& only do it for the focus aspect!


2 comments on “Not agility!

  1. Em
    November 7, 2013

    I’ve been thinking about doing Rally with Lu because ‘heel’ is actually one of her favourite tricks (though, not an obedience heel, her sit is like, sprawled all over my left leg, looking up with a goofy grin) (and I totally know what you mean about walking on lead!) and the things at the stations she can pretty much do anyway… So I just have to find somewhere to do it.

    Love the “hurricane on legs” too.

    • yv0nnej
      November 8, 2013

      Rally is super fun ..I keep meaning to trick train heel but then I don’t. I should probably make a point to do it before next Wednesday so I can shock the heck out of all of them ahaha
      And, rally is SO much more relaxed than obed. I can actually feel a difference in the atmosphere. I also hate obedience so figured I’d hate rally but NOPE. And yeah, that stations are the easy part of rally. It’s walking to get to them we suck at ahahah

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