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..okay, so only almost wordless! I just wanted to say that I ended up way too busy tonight with everything& now I’m incredibly tired with sore shoulders so I’m putting off the post I was going to write today. Tomorrow I will post everything I did with the red dog to teach her to tug since there seems to be quite a bit of interest in how I did it! For now, enjoy this lovely photo for Wordless Wednesday. Also known as my way of getting out of writing a blog post with substance!


Isn't this one  ridiculously good looking dog?

Isn’t this one ridiculously good looking dog?

And, just to see if anyone is paying attention out there ..let’s play a little game! Who can guess the breed of this pooch? I had the pleasure of meeting Asha at a doggy event off the island in September. Do not google or cheat ..this is not a particularly difficult guess the breed but I figure I’ll ease you guys into the game! Good luck with your guesses.

Oh, and I haven’t forgotten about the course map we discussed last night either. I will post that before we head away to the fun match on the weekend.


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