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Kingston Fun Run

So, we trekked all the way off the island& past Halifax for a fun run in Kingston. For those of you not familiar with Nova Scotia, we basically traveled a really, really long time to get to a fun run. For Penny. Where she ran away for the first 2 runs. Thanks, Penny :)

These two cause nothing but trouble in my life!

These two cause nothing but trouble in my life!

So, we had a pretty crappy start to our first fun run with the Vizsla. Things improved, though. By the third run (Gamblers), we actually ended up getting around the course correctly& making the gamble! Rock on, Penny dog. Not bad for her first attempt ever at a gamble. I, of course, have no video of the glorious Gamblers so you will just have to take my word on it.

Next up, was a Jumpers course. I was not entirely sure if we would have success or if we would have failure. I did everything Jess Martin said, took a deep breath& figured we were going to be fine. Guess what? We were fine. Penn NAILED that Jumpers course& knocked it out of the park! She looked like a seasoned pro& ran it in 23 seconds. And you can even bet that I have video of that run.

Look at my little 16 month old Vizzy go! Actually ..I’m not entirely sure you can make her out that well as she pretty much 100% blends in with horse barn dirt. Jokes aside, I’m so proud. This is yet another sign that she is growing up! First, she shocked everyone at Jess Martin’s second seminar& now this. Ack. My heart is just so happy with love for my red dog& love for all the people who believed in us.

Panda says 'I didn't doubt you guys for one second!'

Panda says ‘I didn’t doubt you guys for one second!’

I know isn’t like we made the world team, or even Nationals for that matter but I think you have to count all your little successes on the way to the bigger ones! I have faith, now, that Penny will overcome all her focus issues& be the best agility Vizsla she can be. And trust me, she will be pretty darn good at her best!


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