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A few weekends ago, we packed up some stuff for ourselves, our dogs& loaded up the truck to make the journey to a trial. Some people are lucky ..they have trials that are close to them. We live on a tiny island and the closest trial is 3hrs away.. luck is not on our side. This particular trial was 5hrs away in a different province. We spent 3 days playing agility& officially meeting all my goals for the season! So, let’s do a quick season recap.

This season we made it 5 trials. The first trial I went 0/ 4 and I was so nervous that it was unfit. In fact, in Gamblers, I didn’t hear the whistle& kept running until the judge told me about a rookie mistake! So embarrassing. I have no photos of this event.. for obvious reasons.
Our second trial resulted in 3/4 clean runs, first places& Qs!

Our second trial resulted in 3/4 clean runs, first places& Qs!

Thankfully, our dismal start to the season didn’t last long& at the trial 5 weeks later, I was way past my nerves and managed to actually do something right! We had 4 runs in 2 days. It rained about 120mm over those two days and it was cold. Seriously cold. I guess we do well in the cold. We managed to get our very first Starter’s Jumpers Q& two Starter’s Gamblers Qs! Go us ..obviously we are the very best at agility. We put in a lot of time& training for those pretty ribbons. Even Briar looks pleased with himself in the photo, doesn’t he? After that, we managed to squeak out of Starter’s Gamblers in a trial that I have 0 photos from ..and I’m not sure why! That stinks.

Winning ribbons is easy with a brown Border Collie!

Winning ribbons is easy with a brown Border Collie!

Then, we did our next trial ..where we managed to get another 3 Qs but we were entered in 6 events. Still, we got our 2 Advanced Gamblers Qs (sensing a trend that we are good at gamblers, yet?) and a Starter’s Standard. We make an impressive team when I can manage to get it all right! We took home 3rd overall from that weekend with a very special Not the Nationals green ribbon. That was a super fun weekend!

At our very last trial, we managed to meet every. single. goal! We came THISCLOSE to getting Briar’s Starters Games Dog of Canada title (missing 1 snooker..), we got out of Starter’s Jumpers, out of Starter’s Standard (which earns us an Agility Dog of Canada title!) and got our first Advanced Standard Q! We ended up going 4/ 8 in our last AAC event. I’m thinking we really cannot complain about that.

So, now we have one or two fun runs left for the winter but we’re relegated mostly to the barn to work on improving for next year. With lofty goals like AAC Nationals, I think it is safe to say we will remain motivated throughout all the cold winter months. When I remind myself that I have only been doing this for 14 months, I think we’ve managed to accomplish quite a bit!

So, how do you stay motivated when the temperature drops? Are you naturally motivated or, like me, do you need goals to strive towards to keep pushing yourself? I know it is always a struggle for me if I don’t have an end goal.. I am not one of those people who could train& learn just for the joy of it. I find it fun but I also am painfully competitive& the thrill of that keeps me working towards improvement!


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