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Big ears, big problems!

So, Penny has big floppy ears.

'Mom. My ears aren't floppy.. see?'

‘Mom. I’m so insulted. My ears aren’t floppy.. see?’

I love her ears ..and is it shallow to admit this but it was one of the reasons Vizslas first caught my eye? I mean, they were a match lifestyle wise but their good looks& goofy ears didn’t hurt their cause! Those ears are like velvet. I find myself subconsciously rubbing them all the time. They are lovely little (huge) ears! You know the one downside to large, floppy ears?

A lot of ear infections. Are they preventable? I’m inclined to think no. I knew when I was getting my girly that ear infections were a common ailment of floppy eared pups so I cleaned her ears frequently& wiped them out. Even with being a loving momma, Penny got her first yeast infection at 7 months old. We went to the vet& paid $150 for a cleaning, lab tech to confirm yeast& medication. It worked& with cleaning her ears every second day I kept her ears under control& only 2 extra vet trips for ears (~$180 a pop to the vet)& no results or different answers. Cleaning her ears almost daily isn’t an answer. I needed to get rid of the yeast ..not just keep it under control. So, I started asking around.

Turns out, there’s a hidden gem in the dog world for yeasty dog ears. It’s a simple solution. Last night I went& bought all the ingredients for it. It cost me a grand total of $10.12 with enough to make several batch of this stuff. It’s called Blue Power& so far Penn has had 2 applications. She hates her life& it stains her ears purple, which cracks me up. In a few weeks, I’ll post the full review. It is a battle of epic proportions to get the drops in her ears, however. It takes me, my boyfriend, cupcakes& brute strength.

'Mom. These ears require careful handling& I also hate you for trying to put drops in them.'

‘Mom. These ears require careful handling& I also hate you for trying to put drops in them.’

On that note, does anyone have any ideas for how to make my dog not wish I was dead when we treat her ears? This is going to be a very painful process with trying to rid her of the yeasty ears if, two times a day for two weeks, we are using brute force. Also, cupcakes? Not good for the puppy waistline. Plus, the sensitive soul in me feels awful for manhandling her. I know it is a necessary evil& it will get done but if anyone has any suggestions to encouraging happy ear drop behaviour, I’m all ears (pun intended)!

Clicker training would work. She knows a clicker& what it means ..we need fast results though as we’re actively treating the ears now& her reactions to the drops are MUCH worse than when we first started using them in her ears. I’m thinking it will keep escalating until sedation is our only answer ;) I am kidding ..mostly. I do need some help trying to figure out a way to get her less hateful about it all. Alright, I’m off to snuggle Penny& remind her I mostly bring good things into her life. I’m not always the ear drop devil!


8 comments on “Big ears, big problems!

  1. ML Strand
    December 8, 2013

    Love the ears, sorry they’re such a problem.

    • yv0nnej
      December 8, 2013

      They are LOVELY ears!! Her ears can always make me smile :) They are a headache though ..hoping to get them under control ASAP!

  2. Em
    December 9, 2013

    Oh no. Poor penny. Lumen sympathizes, she had a little yeast in one ear a month or two ago and was NOT keen on the drops. We played our usual game for unpleasant things- treats on the floor in front of her and she gets then if she doesn’t run away or squirm. She stands there staring a hole in the treats waiting for it to all be over. ;) we’re so cruel to them, aren’t we??

    • yv0nnej
      December 12, 2013

      I wish treats would work for Penn ..she won’t even take a Kong filled with peanut butter! She just turns her nose up& refuses it, all while squirming away. We are cruel, cruel owners!!

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  4. Elissa
    December 17, 2013

    I had to treat tug for awhile when he was a pup because he always built up a lot of wax. Is it possible that her issue is actually an allergy? I switched tug to a lamb meal and rice formula and it helped his skin/itchiness And his ears. I’ve never had an issue since.

    • yv0nnej
      December 18, 2013

      Trying Blue Power for now.. if this doesn’t work, next we’re going to do the grain free. If that STILL isn’t working, we’ll allergy test her. Happy to hear grain free seems to be the solution for most Vizsla ear itches!!

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