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A day in the life..

..of a crazy red dog named Penny! These were filmed maybe 2 weeks ago. Our ground is now covered with snow& not nearly so inviting. So, this evening I decided that after agility (it’s been wayyyy too dark in the barn to get any video. I’m working on it!!) I would relax by scooping my dog into my lap, sipping a drink& making a video.

Okay. So I love iMovie but I’m not very good at it. I did have fun making this the very least, if nothing else comes from this blog it was worth it to start making an honest effort to document my (mis)adventures into the world of dog sports! Now, I’m off to continue my drink& perhaps take a nice hot shower after training in -18C weather this evening. When does summer come back, again?!!!

These two really miss not freezing to death during their beach dates!

These two really miss not freezing to death during their beach dates!

We were supposed to have a fun run this weekend but now we are getting 40+cm of snow (or so they say ..I am cautiously pessimistic) so it’s rescheduled for the 22nd! I am super excited for it ..especially if the MAJOR success we had this evening at the barn is any indication of how we can expect it to go. We are entered in starters everything.. standard, jumpers& snooker. I think that, finally, my bad babydog is actually maturing. She will be a superstar if she keeps up the behaviour she was showing us this evening. I also had a lot of success with Briar (yes, that crazy Border Collie still exists!) so we’re marking tonight as a very, very good one.

Penn nailed her threadles, didn’t have a single knock& got every. single. weave entry! Plus, she was driving forward the entire time. I am a very happy momma. I think I am just rambling at this point. Happy weekend, everyone!


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