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Hard course.

Ran an incredibly hard course with Mr. B yesterday morning before the storm hit. Since we practice early on Sundays, I managed to drag the camera along& get some video. Be proud. I am. We also nailed the course.. so that’s a bright side. I have some footage of Penn running it as well, but she isn’t nearly as impressive. Since it’s been so long since we’ve seen Briar, I figure I’ll start by reminding you all how handsome he is.

Chaos looking particularly handsome as a water-logged Border Collie!

Chaos looking particularly handsome as a water-logged Border Collie!

Okay. Now that that is out of the way, shall we move onto the course? It starts with a push but there’s a tunnel trap. Then there’s a threadle rear cross at jump 3 then a push at 4.. wrong tunnel end for 5. 7 is a push at a tire, then a slappy tappy (here, here, here) to the tunnel. Then the end sequence is a tough, as well. If I had a course map, I would show you but I am a terrible slacker& I don’t. You’ll just have to watch the video. Is this how you would have handled it with your dog? Also ..I think I’m finally getting my handling to look much smoother compared to the start of learning all this stuff. It definitely flows significantly better! And there are definitely some spots where my handling needs some serious improvement.

So, that’s that. My run with Briar yesterday morning. The more runs we get in, the more I’m feeling confident that we will have a pretty good showing at Regionals this coming May. This was a tough course more kidding around, we need to win a trophy at Regionals& place top 10 to secure ourselves a ribbon in Nationals. Briar can 100% be a contender’s his handler I’m nervous about. Thankfully, Nationals are only in Sussex this year. So the travel expenses to get there aren’t going to be heartbreaking if all that happens is that the Border Collies runs perfectly but I’m a terrible handler.

Anyone else constantly wonder if they are doing their dog(s) justice? Especially since I didn’t train Briar, I feel like I definitely have to have a good showing for us ..otherwise, his owner may snatch him back up on me& start running him& not need me anymore. TRAGIC.


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