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I figured since we love our Ruffwear coat so much, it was time I gave it a proper review on this blog! After much debate, I decided to order the Climate Changer from them. A local business here (Escape Outdoors ..great people, check them out if you’re local to the area!) carries the brand so I can get anything ordered in through them. I basically picked the coat because it came in the colour purple. I love my dog in purple. Also, it’s recycled polyester which means you’re helping the earth!

Penny posing for a photo while also keeping an eye for any squirrels in the woods!

Penny posing for a photo while also keeping an eye for any squirrels in the woods!

The color was the deal maker but I also did a lot of research& the brand is just pretty great in general so I felt confident in my order. I placed the order& waited, waited, waited. Then the day arrived! Penn’s new coat was here. And it was as glorious in person as I had hoped. We have put this coat through the ringer since getting it. She’s done fun runs in it, she’s romped through snow deeper than her chest, played with Briar (they play rough), gone chasing ducks in swamp water in it& every single time? It washes clean. I’m actually super amazed I managed to wash the swamp duck water out with no stains. That was gross. Here’s a run from the barn last Sunday. You saw Briar run the same course (only longer) in this post!

So, even with all the tests we’ve put the Climate Changer through, it is definitely a winner. We never have any issues with the coat rubbing her legs or restricting her movement. It also doesn’t ride up or get bunched up around the belly or neck. Plus, it fits in her chest AND her stomach. With deep-chested breeds, this is an amazing thing. All her other coats that covered the belly were WAY too small in the chest. She actually busted out of so many coats because of her deep chest& tiny little waist. I know, right? There is only 1 thing I didn’t love about the coat at first. The way the dog steps in it.

The zipper is on the left side of the coat, so the right side sweeps up& over the dog to zip up on the left. It is neat but you have to get both feet in& if your dog steps forward at all when one foot is in& one isn’t, they step out of the coat. This made me cry the first few times we attempted to put it on but it didn’t take Penn long to realize what I wanted& now she just stands until I have her ready to go. I found it really frustrating at first but once we adjusted to it, it’s not a big deal anymore. Not to mention that is the single minor thing I can think of that I didn’t instantly love. I will say that I love that it zips on the side& so I’m pretty sure that’s the only option for getting the coat on with a side zipper.

Psychotic dog loves her purple coat! Just look at the love (crazy) in those eyes.

Psychotic dog loves her purple coat! Just look at the love (crazy) in those eyes.

This coat is definitely worth the price tag that comes along with it. I’m fairly certain this is one of the few coats that can hold up to the crazy things red dog does. I did mention that time she swam in swamp water to get ducks with it on, right? Does anyone out there have any dog coats that they absolutely cannot live without? I am truly so glad to have found a brand that works so well for us would take a lot to persuade me to switch at this point. The only serious downside with Ruffwear is that they don’t ship to Canada so if you don’t have a local retailer, I think you may be out of luck. Not sure about other countries.


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