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We discovered quite some time ago that Penny LOVES tug leads. The big, thick leashes with fur in the middle. I kept meaning to buy one& then I just didn’t ever follow through. We mostly borrowed Panda’s lead when we wanted a tug lead. Then, one day, I woke up with a brilliant plan! Why not get Penny& Briar tug leads for Christmas? I know. I’m a genius. It only took me forever to think of it. Then I had a small dilemma of where does one buy such things? I did a few quick searches before remembering Salty Dog Canvas! They have beautiful leads with custom embroidery. I was a very happy girl when I saw that. They are also martingale tugs so you have a tug, leash& collar all in one. Easy peasy for slipping on& off during agility! Plus, it means if you have their tug you also have their leash& collar. Penn is rarely on a leash so this is actually really handy for me. Also, I have the worst memory. I took a few days trying to decide which colors to get the dogs. I ended up going with darker colors so they wouldn’t get dirty (as fast) since they’ll be used at trials where they’ll be hitting the ground a lot.

Are these not awesome leads? Love.

Are these not awesome leads? Love.

So, I decided on the company, the colors& the embroidery. I then promptly forgot about placing the order until December 16th. My bad. When I realized how close to Christmas it was, I frantically emailed the company asking if there was even the smallest chance if I ordered custom embroidered leashes that they would make it in time for Christmas. I figured the reply would be that I was crazy or there would be no reply. Well, I was SO thrilled when I got an email back saying as long as I ordered ASAP, there shouldn’t be an issue in getting them in time. This is partly thanks to the fact they are a Canadian company& mostly due to the fact that they are amazing people. So, the order was placed& I anxiously awaited my tug lead arrival. It shipped out the very next morning after I placed my order& was sitting in my mailbox December 23rd. I cannot say enough good about this company. It made my Christmas to have the tug leads wrapped& ready for Christmas morning for the pups!

I don’t have a photo of them posing with their leads yet ..this Christmas has been seriously busy for some reason, but I pinky promise I’ll get a photo of Penny at the very least before the week is out. If we manage to have a nice day this week then I’ll have a photo of both dogs showing off their newest, most awesome leashes! Also, if you have a dog that pulls those bungee cord parts of the leash make walking a much more pleasant experience for all involved. So, does anyone have any leashes that they just cannot live without? I would absolutely encourage everyone with a tugging puppy to go purchase one of these leads fact, here’s the link so you can easily do just that! Happy shopping, everyone :)


One comment on “Tug leads!

  1. Kristie
    April 3, 2014

    We love Salty Dog Canvas. I pretty much have one of every tug they make. And they are right up the road from me so usually I get my stuff delivered to me in town. Awesome company. Too bad I’m moving so far away!

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