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It’s the time of year everyone makes a resolution& everyone with a blog writes about their resolution. Well, I’m not one to start a new trend so here is my list of ‘to do’ for 2014! There are some for Briar& some for Penny. This is going to be a fun-filled year of resolutions.

Squirt can barely muster a look of excitement for this time of year.

Squirt can barely muster a look of excitement for this time of year. 

1. Regionals/ Nationals with Briar

-In order to get to Nationals, we have to make it through Regionals with a final score of 350. We should be able to do this. I am cautiously optimistic. Regionals are May 24/ 25th so we are currently putting a lot of barn time in making sure we have the best possible chance of success. I am so looking forward to that weekend away with tough courses, awesome dogs& the end result of Nationals to compete or just to watch. We have been running very tough courses& Sunday we ran some from Worlds with only a few minor bobbles in some places so that definitely helps up the confidence level. I know Mr. B can do it but I’ve only been running agility for a little over a year. It’s a daunting task to try to handle Briar as well as he deserves!

2. Trials with Penny

-She won’t even be CLOSE to ready for Regionals this summer unless she finds her brain sometime between now& May. When she is on, she’s on. She’s fast, she takes direction& she keeps her focus. When she is off, she really does her best to be the worst possible agility dog she can be. With that in mind, we’re mostly going to focus on focus. She has come a LONG way.. most of that is thanks to Jess Martin& some of it is just because she’s growing up. This spring/ summer will be her trial debut. It should be interesting. I can envision all the Runaway Penny moments we are going to have already. Even better? I’m sure they’ll all be captured on video so you guys can enjoy the glorious moments right along with me reliving them.

3. Adventures with both

-Planning on another warm weather season filled with going for hikes, swimming at ponds& just chasing balls around the fields. My favorite thing about Briar& Penny is that they are just absolutely best friends. No matter what they always have fun just hanging out together. Not to mention there is something so hilarious about being in a confined space with that much energy! You can’t help but smile& have your spirits lift when you see those two interacting. It’s good for the soul.

4. Run a half-marathon

-Oh ..wait. I am doing that in a mere 12 days. I am thinking my last year resolution should have been to train for a half-marathon ;) I’m heading to Disneyland for my half on my birthday, January 11th! I’m planning to write some posts ahead of time while I’m away& have them go up automatically. I also am going to be really busy getting ready to leave so that may or may not happen. Along with the fact that I’m crushed to have to leave Penny ..even if I have faith that Garret can keep her alive for the 8 days I’m gone!

Here's to 2013 ..hoping 2014 is even half as good!

Here’s to 2013 ..hoping 2014 is even half as good!

So, those are my biggest goals for 2014. Do you bother with making resolutions? If you make them, do you stick to them? If you wrote a post, let me know so I can check out what your plans are! Don’t blog? Just leave a comment letting me know! I hope everyone out there enjoys a very fun-filled New Years Eve. Happy almost-the-end-of-another-Christmas-season to all the people reading this post! Don’t forget to make the most of it ..tomorrow is a brand new year. Leave all the bad of 2013 in 2013& just take the lessons learned& move forward to 2014!


2 comments on “Resolutions!

  1. David Kanigan
    December 31, 2013

    Happy New Year. Love your blog. Look forward to following along in 2014.

    • yv0nnej
      January 2, 2014

      Happy New Year to you as well :) Looking forward to writing the blog in 2014 -ahah

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