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Have I mentioned lately that I’m totally over winter? Currently, our entire island is pretty much shut down. The visibility is less than a kilometre. It’s freezing cold, tons of snow& lots of wind. Seriously the worst winter I can ever remember. Thankfully, on Tuesday I pack up& head to Disneyland for a week. Until then, I’m using this weather as an excuse to sit at home, watch Supernatural& snuggle my dog. And while she is, indeed, a snuggly dog? She’s also a high energy psychopathic nut who is going slightly shack wacky.

Seriously ..other Vizsla owners. You can relate.

Seriously ..other Vizsla owners. You can relate.

So, on that note we’ve also been playing fetch, practicing her tricks& generally just trying to keep her occupied during the worst season ever. I am also considering taking up permanent residence in Florida. Can anyone even blame me? We have mountains of snow on this frigid little island and my dog wants to play but she doesn’t want to be cold and everyone wants to leave the house but there’s nowhere to go ..except outside. And screw that. Even agility got canceled for today. The roads are actually like tiny little death traps ..and we figured it wasn’t worth the risk. To be fair, at this point with cooped up red dog, I’m thinking it was worth the risk. I have studded tires. We would have survived& surely she needs an outlet.

So, does anyone else out there get housebound for (what feels like..) days at a time? The weather has been so bad here that Penny hasn’t even gotten an off-leash romp through the woods recently. She’s used to one daily. There is literally feet of snow& it’s frozen so it is impossible to walk through. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for tiring out a high energy dog? I would love to hear them if you have any! The more suggestions the merrier. We are running out of ideas& there is still two more months (at least) of winter.


2 comments on “Snow..

  1. David Kanigan
    January 4, 2014

    We’re with you on the Florida Bus.

    • yv0nnej
      January 4, 2014

      Oh man ..this weather better be gone by the time I get back next Wednesday!!

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