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From last year. We are not even going outside this winter.

From last year. We are not even going outside this winter.

Consider this my Wordless Wednesday entry except that it is Saturday& not wordless. The temperatures are unfit. The snow keeps falling. It’s cold. My dog is a lunatic. We are taking this opportunity to learn new tricks. We just learned how to roll up in a blanket. Pretty cute& easy to learn indoors. Tomorrow AM we brave the cold for one last agility adventure before I head away to the more tolerable weather in Florida. Oh, how that will be a glorious week of sunshine. Hopefully the weather improves while I am away& Penn manages to get some activity in with my boyfriend. Otherwise, I’ll be coming home to even more of the sane. Oh, joy.

We played more fetch today but doing tricks with her usually works to keep her energy down if we miss a day or two of physical exercise. We are, however, going on day 4 of absolutely zero running. The two of us are finding it hard to not kill one another. She wants to go play outside, until she gets outside. Then she wants to come in& whine at me to do something with her. I have no idea what she needs ..where is the off button on dogs? There isn’t much more I can do other than tricks& play fetch. I could also snuggle her while watching Netflix but she seems to be mostly over the whole snuggling thing at this point. Bright side? Only another four months of winter.

How do you pass the days with your pup? Do you spend it on photoshop, making ‘woe is me’ quote photos? No? I’m alone in that? Oh. Well, here’s hoping not everyone is having such a terrible run of winter weather. I hear in some parts of the world it is actually summer& people enjoy months like January ;) I wish I was one of those people!


6 comments on “-22C

  1. ksbcaptures
    January 4, 2014

    I have two greyhounds. They are super lazy so I don’t usually have to worry about expending energy with them. Marrow bones filled with peanut butter seem to tire them out a bit, maybe you could give that a try. Also I have a friend that has had some success with laser pointers and their dogs? Good luck! Hope you get some relief soon :)

    • yv0nnej
      January 4, 2014

      Penn gets a Kong every once in awhile ..I hadn’t even thought of making one up for her! Thanks for reminding me :D As for the laser light ..tell your friend to be very, very careful. They can become obsessed. I don’t know if every breed is as prone as hunting breeds, though, in fairness to your friend.

      • ksbcaptures
        January 8, 2014

        Oh it’s true! Obsessed is exactly the word to describe it…lol. It’s fun to watch for a while, but I can see how it would get annoying fast. Just wanted to throw it out there. My guys don’t care for it. Hope you were able to get out this weekend! :)

  2. David Kanigan
    January 4, 2014

    You write these words, we experience the same with our Zeke. He’s got cabin fever!

    • yv0nnej
      January 4, 2014

      It stinks. Definitely ready for winter to end!

  3. Elissa
    January 22, 2014

    OH yes! With two (or three now) high energy dogs around, and SO much rain in Oregon, I’ve gone through many of these days. Daisy will sit in front of me and whine, and jump straight up and down trying to get my attention! So…this is usually our solution. Target has these $0.99 toy ropes in their dog section. They’re fairly durable unless I leave the dogs alone with them, in which case they become lots of pieces of string all around the house. I use them to make them play tug of war with either me, or each other. They’ll play for quite some time as long as I’m in the room and encouraging them. Also, I make them sit and stay while I find a hiding place in the house for the rope, then I tell them ‘ok, go find it!’ and let them search for it. It not only helps them work on their sit and stay (which is really hard when they can’t see me!), but gives them both some exercise, as well as a brain game. Good luck!

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