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Disney is done!

Well, Disney is done& I’ve been back for 4 days. With no blog post.. which pretty much makes me the worst blogger ever. I have been very busy since getting back. I had to hang out with my dog& boyfriend, get back to agility& we did a 3hr info session on agility at the local Pet Valu yesterday! I am already looking forward to this weekend.. how is it only Monday?!

Us with our Donal Duck half medals& the real Donal Duck!

Us with our Donal Duck half medals& the real Donal Duck!

So, now that I’m back it is time to get this place bumping with new posts again! Tomorrow we are going to be doing a starters’ jumpers course& I’ll bring the video camera& get some newer footage of Penny running it. She was a SUPERSTAR on Thursday. I think the break from it really helped her out ..she was content to run& do everything I asked her to do. Including weaves from the off side. I need to really start to focus on rear crossing the weaves though as that throws her for a giant loop& she pops out of them. Other than that she was driven, focused and hitting the contact on the teeter. I love when breaks work out for the better! I wasn’t sure how she would do with a break but I am so, so glad! I am debating signing her up for a rally trial at the start of February along with an agility fun run the second week in February.

Then before I know it, I’ll be running two dogs in agility. Granted, I think we can pretty much rest assured that the little brown Border will be doing better than the little red one ;) I am looking forward to another season of trials.. and also the weather improving (at some point it has to improve, right?) so we can get Penn back in peak fitness mode. Right now we’re getting about a solid hour of fetch indoors+ some random play time outside+ 4hrs of agility a week. Significantly less than either of us is used to having! There’s also some dates with Briar thrown in there so I suppose she isn’t rotting in a heap of fat but still ..somedays she’s got so much energy I just want to cry. Today we got outside for about 40 minutes& played fetch until she lost her ball in the snowbanks. I even took out my camera& snapped some new (boring) photos of her to prove that I do have her still!

I keep planning to do some nice portraits of us but then it just doesn’t pan out. I will try to get some either Wednesday or Thursday depending on the amount of snow we get, as they are currently calling for 40+cm. I have a few ideas but they involve setting up my backdrop& that takes work. Just asked my boyfriend to help me set it up& there isn’t even any room for it to be set up.. so I guess I’m not taking those photos either way. Oh well. Happy snowy Monday, everyone. Next post will have at least a photo or two of Penny along with some video of both the dogs running, hopefully. Keep your fingers crossed.


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  1. Tiffany
    January 28, 2014

    Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

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