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Okay, so let’s start out by stating the obvious: I am slacking BIG TIME! Seriously going to get my butt in gear& post a few times a week. Agility is going awesome. Penn is starting to get some pretty rock solid weaves. Briar is always a superstar. We are training hard& our season start is creeping up on us. Penn will be making her AAC debut at the end of March. I will definitely have photos& videos ..even if it ends up being a runaway kind of adventure. My fingers are crossed we have success but I’m not entirely sure. She’s definitely starting to find her brains which is nice! And we have our third Jess Martin seminar the weekend before so that should be pretty helpful.

Briar is just awesome. I am so, so excited for Regionals to get here& run him! Very much looking forward to seeing how that will all pan out. I am going to print out the Nationals courses from last year& run them a few times to see where we are at in terms of being ready for it. Should be super fun. I have video from last Sunday but it isn’t very exciting& I didn’t edit any of it so I won’t bother posting it. I will make a point to film our National runs.. I’m expecting great things from Mr. B& mediocre things from Penny. As long as she pays attention& has some drive, that’s all I will ask for at this point. She needs a lot more consistency than she’s getting currently. The snow, ice& freezing cold has prevented us from doing little sessions at home like she is use to. When does summer get here, again?! Not soon enough. Basically, both dogs are rocking it and I promise to make an effort to be more active& post some more video. I was doing so well when I started.

Now the real reason that prompted this post is that my new Lensbaby finally arrived yesterday! I picked it up just in time to have to run to my hair appointment& so haven’t really gotten to test out what it can do in good lighting yet but I did play with it a little bit yesterday evening. I should have grabbed it today& taken it to training with me but I just didn’t think of it. Plus, the barn is so dusty that I’d hate to get it dirty that fast! I am planning to really try it out tomorrow. The weather is looking good, I don’t have any other plans& I have a pocketful of delicious treats to encourage Vizsla cooperation. If we get the chance, there may also be some Border Collie appearances. It will all depend on what I can find the motivation to do in the AM. I did snap some photos of Briar today on our drive home ..but none of them are very exciting so I’ll leave them out until I get a better hang of the lens.

New lens, same Vizsla!

New lens, same Vizsla!

I absolutely adore this lens. I was on the fence for SO LONG about whether or not to get it ..and the instant I took my first photo with it. I knew. I should have purchased it a year and a half ago when I first thought I might want one. I already have plans for my next one. The tricky part is that there is no automatic focus’s all manual. It is weird to adjust& I find nailing the focus manually hard but just going to look at it as a learning experience. In an attempt, I’m going to actively take more photos. Of everything. Boyfriend’s nephews, family, friends, events happening& of course dogs but especially Briar. This blog is about both pups but while we aren’t competing, I’ve found it harder to make the effort to take the camera to the barn. It is so worth it though when I can look back& watch to see where we had success versus failure. Putting in the effort is almost always worth it. I can’t think of many times I put in a lot of effort& walked away thinking ‘I should have slacked off more’ so I’m thinking it is the same with the blog. So no more two week breaks! From here on out there will be much more regular posting.


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