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So, Penn had yeasty ears. I was pretty sure it was just because they were floppy. So I went to the vet ..a lot. Then I tried blue power. It worked really well but if we stopped using it for a day, the dirty ears came back. At this point, I knew. Penn didn’t just have yeasty ears. She had an allergy. It was my worst fear- and it was coming true. So, we have completely taken her off the grain. She is a sad dog. It’s like she knows she’s different. Briar sits there all smug eating whatever he wants while Penn is forced to eat the grain free (and therefore less delicious) version of it. This has caused a serious rift in their relationship. Plus, Penny is pissed because she can’t eat Briar’s kibble anymore. It was very tasty kibble.

Grain free food is more expensive, of course. I’m forced to tell people they can’t feed her treats because she can’t have grains. Both of us are trying to adjust but it is just weird. I find myself 10 times a day almost feeding her something she can’t have. Thankfully, some of her favorite treats were grain free already and she loves cheese more than is reasonable. I keep telling myself that I will get liver& chicken hearts for agility but I’m a slacker and never actually do more than think about it. Briar’s owner is way less of a slacker than me, though, so she still gets them as extra special treats when they train together. It isn’t all tears and sadness but I am a little disappointed she has special dietary restrictions these days. That being said her ears are pretty yeast free& she is shaking her head significantly less than before. I used the blue power to flush her ears out once we cut the grain out of her life& get the yucky stuff gone out of the crevices. She’s like a new dog ..or at least like the same old dog with new ears!

My very favourite partner in  crime!

My very favourite partner in crime!

See? Even in photos she’s horrified about the prospect of living a grain free life. The struggle is real. Anyone else out there with a dog that just has to say no to grains? Any fun ideas for filling Kongs or having easy rewards on hand? The fact that I can no longer give her Snausages or Beggin’ Strips mixed with healthier treats makes me the saddest owner ever. Worst part? I bought bags of each of them just before realizing it was grains that was making her ears so bad. Now I just have two big bags of Snausages& Beggin’ Strips laughing at me every time I reach for Wellness or yumi treats. So cruel.


4 comments on “Ear update

  1. ML Strand
    February 2, 2014

    Good to hear it’s under control!

  2. Em
    February 2, 2014

    I don’t feed my dogs grains just cos I don’t think they should be eating them. So it’s not so new for my guys and they don’t seem to complain.
    As for kongs, mine always have peanut butter, maybe some carrot, maybe some kibble. Am I mean? Maybe I am! ;)

    • yv0nnej
      February 2, 2014

      Naw, you aren’t mean! Penn is just cranky because her training buddy doesn’t have to watch his diet ;) Peanut butter is a Kong staple here, as well. I just use to mash up cereal with it. She HATES carrots so those are out!

      Plus, you’re totally right that grain free is actually just way better for the dog!

  3. Elissa
    February 17, 2014

    I usually use cheese sticks when we train for agility. Tug likes cheese, too. He’s not totally restricted from grains, but he used to itch a lot before I switched him to Canidae lamb meal and rice food. He’s not excited about his kibble, either. You might try adding water to her food. It seems really strange but I used to have to coax Tug to eat his dry food, so now I add about a half a cup of water to it and he’s much happier. It’s a trick I learned from a book specifically about Vizsla’s. I couldn’t believe it actually worked!

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