Copper and Chaos

Agility adventures


I can think of no other word to describe me other than scatterbrained. I missed our agility practice today. I hadn’t heard from Briar’s owner& so wasn’t sure if we were still meeting ..turns out we were. And I missed it. Can you say cranky? I can. And I am. It’s also been too cold to appropriately play with my Lensbaby outside ..I’ve managed to snag a few shots but in general nothing too exciting has been happening at all in this part of the island. We went for a drive tonight to make me feel better& I bought Penny a new antler so at least I feel better now. Why does purchasing presents for Penny make me happier? I guess that’s why kids end up so spoiled. She is currently curled up next to me on the couch, enjoying her antler while I write this post& watch River Monsters on Netflix!

Since I managed to miss yet another agility practice this winter, I am desperately looking forward to Sunday AM to get back on the right track. Thankfully missing agility doesn’t mean we have been completely unproductive. We’ve taken the opportunity of indoors only (thanks, winter) to learn some new tricks. Nothing too exciting yet but I am going to have make an effort to get a really neat trick video made at some point in the near future ..well, once spring gets here. I have no plans of spending any more time outdoors than absolutely required. My boyfriend’s nephew wanted to play outside the other day and I managed to convince him to stay inside and play fetch with Penny instead. I know, I am terrible but they had so much fun AND I got to stay warm+ snap some cute shots.

I absolutely adore this photo of Penn& her favorite kid!

I absolutely adore this photo of Penn& her favorite kid!

I do need some motivation to get outside with my camera ..I was thinking if we managed to get a beautiful sunset, I would drag Penny out to some place where there isn’t quite so much snow& do some evening sunset photos. Maybe tomorrow I will grab B& try to find a good photo spot. Anyone have any suggestions for how to make snow look even moderately appealing? I am at a loss and so just ready to see the grass again! Also, to be able to use my yard to train. I am really, really missing the 15- 20 minute sessions we were doing 4- 5 times a week. They were definitely helping Penny with all her focus issues. I am still working on it& she is still improving but I do miss just being able to go outside& practice little sequences!

So, I will be back tomorrow with a post& hopefully with some photos of Penn& Briar outdoors. In a sunset or something. Taken with the Lensbaby because it’s an art to learn to use it ..and I seem to be only 50/ 50 on getting success. Thank goodness for the digital SLR. I’d be broke if I was shooting all this with film ;)


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