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So, this Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday which makes it perfect to have big plans. So, my boyfriend& I are loading up the car, taking a romantic long drive& getting a hotel for the night. Then we’re going to sleep early so we can be at the fun run with Penny on time the next morning ;) Okay, so it isn’t really that romantic. We do love road trips though& it will be fun to have him there for Penn’s runs! Not to mention we will be missing Briar& Grant terribly. I am hoping for improvement over the last time we headed off to the same run. We ended the day with success but boy oh boy we did not start with it! I think her little brain has grown since then so we’re hoping for maybe only 1 runaway before she remembers to run agility? The turning point last time was when they put out the warmup jumps& I could practice focus+ jump& reward. I think I will make a point to ask that they put them out somewhere this time.

I am also going to bring some higher value rewards& play fetch/ tug with her PRE-running because that really gets her focused& her drive up! Garret is going to have so much fun. It’s in a horse barn (which he is deathly allergic to), it will be freezing cold (which sucks more for me than him to be honest)& I am pretty sure it’s like me going to a car show for the whole morning/ afternoon ..only done because you love the person who wants to go. Thank goodness he is a good sport about the whole ordeal and I reminded him Penn may spend the whole day running away. His reply? ‘I have never been so excited to be disappointed in my whole life!’ So that pretty much makes me laugh a lot. And it takes the stress off about trying to have success.

Bright side? She's still going to be the most beautiful dog there!

Bright side? She’s still going to be the most beautiful dog there!

We are aiming for success, we will have our new club shirts to wear+ matching dog sweaters& human sweaters. I feel an outfit change in between runs.. kidding kidding. I have this image in my head that it will be so cold we will be wearing ALL the clothes to try& not die from hypothermia. My camera will be making the trek to the trial with us so, assuming Garret has no issues figuring out how to record things, there will be video proof of either our success or failure. It will be a good measuring point  compared to 3 months ago. And where I can expect her for our next Jess Martin seminar on St. Patricks Day!

So based on the amount I have to do before leaving on Friday afternoon, this will most likely be my last post until our fun run recap goes up. I am now accepting all well wishes, good lucks or any other form of encouragement you feel like handing out! I am only going there to have fun& use it to determine when I should enter her in a real trial. I am aiming for the end of March but that may pushing how well her little brain can handle the stress& distractions of it all. Post-Kingston, I will have an answer either way. My fingers are so crossed for success because I just want her to be able to show off the hard work we’ve put in together over this last year and a half!

So, let’s hear it! Does anyone else have any exciting Valentine’s Day plans? I know it will be hard to top mine as far as romance& excitement go ;)


2 comments on “Valentine’s Day

  1. gvannini
    February 12, 2014

    Haha I think I have you beat in terms of “romance” – I’m having spinal surgery and Chris gets to sit and wait for me in the hospital all day ;) I am jealous of your fun run!! There is a trial near here that I want to do an FEO run at but it is on Sunday and I’m not sure I’ll be up and about after my spine deal yet. We have a real trial the 22 and 23… her last trial was spent mostly running away too so we will see how this goes! Even herding dogs can have distraction problems lol. I think everything about this trial will be less stressful for her and my expectations are low so I’m crossing my fingers. Wishing you lots of luck on Friday!!

    • yv0nnej
      February 18, 2014

      I somehow missed this comment!! Hope your surgery went well& hey ..that’s what the men in our lives are for! Don’t forget to do a recap about your trial. I think low expectations are a saving grace when it comes to distracted dogs. I feel like I could write a novel on just getting dogs to focus at this point in my life. Thankfully, she’s growing out of it. Slowlyyyyy.

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