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Kingston recap!

So, this was our second attempt at a fun run! Here’s our first. It was such a fun trip! We drove up late, got there at 11PM, stayed in a sketchy motel, woke up early& headed out to run some courses! Penn was better than she was the first time. Her zoomies were less (only happened once!), she seemed to focus on me more than anything else& she ran fast. Man did she run fast. She wouldn’t run their dog walk but it was really slippery& narrow so quite a few dogs toppled off it/ slid down the contact area. After realizing that, I let her go around it. She nailed the A-frame so I’m pretty sure allowing her to ditch the dog walk was the right decision for her. For her Gamblers course, it was super hard but she got it. What we don’t have? It on film! She zoomed as it was the first run but then she came back, had beautiful weaves& took direction nicely. The end gamble was jump, tunnel, jump but the tunnel mouths faced away from the jumps so the dog came out looking at you but needing to spin make to the jump. It seemed tough for a starters course. Good dog got it anyway!

After Gamblers was standard, she also would have gotten that if it wasn’t for the darn dog walk. I let her run around it but she was FAST on that course. The first run through, she got away from me completely as I didn’t expect her to be as fast as she was. Looks like my baby red dog is growing up& finding her true speed. I hope it isn’t too much faster or I’m really going to be out of luck. She was easily the fastest dog there ..and that’s including a handful of Border Collies that were running! Can I just take a moment to say I was told if I wanted to run a fast dog, I’d have to get a Border& how glad I am that that statement only drove me to prove people wrong? It was harder to build her drive than it is for a Border but with enough hard work& determination, any dog that is fast on the flat can be fast in agility. She turns tighter than some Borders& has a lovely A-frame. Now if only we could convince her hit her contacts.. Anyway, after the standard course it was time for steeplechase. I wasn’t sure if I was going to enter her in it but figured we drove all that way, may as well.

I think it is safe to say I’m very glad we went ahead& entered. She was fast, focused, lots of drive& nailed the entire course. She launched herself long over one jump but when you consider she’s 18 months old, I’ll happily take the end result from her. When we went to the fun run, I had goals in mind. They were weaves, focus and drive. All three of those things were checked off on this trip. I couldn’t have asked for better weaves& a lot of people asked how we trained them since she has so much drive through them AND didn’t cut out early except once. So pleased. Focus& drive were there. It has been a long road of self-doubt to get to this point that if it wasn’t for complete faith in Penn, I probably would have quit. She is a superstar& as such deserves her chance to show everyone how great she is. We have both learned a lot& come a long way from where we were before our first Jess Martin seminar. Her baby brain is growing up, I’m learning how to build focus& we are starting to figure out how to work together as a team for some pretty great end results!

Waiting patiently for our chance to run the course!

Waiting patiently for our chance to run the course!

We have one more seminar coming up on St. Patrick’s Day (yes, I will paint a green clover on Penn’s bum for the day) and then we are heading to our first official AAC trial at the end of March. We have 3 runs. Steeplechase Friday evening then 2 starter’s courses on Saturday. It should be interesting. I am cautiously optimistic about our chances of success. Hoping to get her over the dog walk& through the chute a few more times before then to really get her confidence up about those two obstacles. She is fine with dog walks, just hasn’t seen one in months excluding this fun run. And the chute she has no issues with but she’s only run through it about 7 times total because I sort of totally forgot that it existed. And I hate it. So, goals. They are a good thing! We aren’t looking to walk away with Qs from the trial, just some experience for Penn& hopefully some laughs and success!


2 comments on “Kingston recap!

  1. Elissa
    February 21, 2014

    Yeah for you guys! Oddly enough, Tug has been working harder since I got a puppy – he’s jealous. :)

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