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This week has been a roller coaster. It is exhibition week, Miss Penn had to perform in front of a crowd& most importantly, and sadly, my sweet childhood dog passed away. It was Wednesday morning and it was the saddest day I’ve ever had to experience. He was a little brat of a dog but he was also the littlest dog with the biggest personality ..which, granted, faded as he got older. Squirt was just tired from being alive so long& surviving fox attacks, dog attacks& the general chaos of attending our basement parties. Every single person who met Squirt loved him. Even people who didn’t like dogs loved Squirt. In his long life, he became a lot more than just a dog to everyone in my family. I think all of us are heartbroken about this. I know that I will forever have a heavy heart on August 13th. He was far from a good dog (by any stretch of the imagination) but he was hilarious. Squirt lived an adventurous life of fun& wild times. He deserves an eternity of peaceful sleep to make up for all the times I kept him awake all night. Rest easy, old man. You were my very best friend& confidante for many, many years. Thank you for that.

Sweet Squirt about 4yrs ago .. such a little monster!

The night before Squirt passed away, Penn had her first performance in front of a crowd. We went into it with low expectations. It was basically just a major success. A combination of our tug drive building, focus class& possibly just some maturity on Penn’s part. So, I had to emcee the event& start off with a 15 minute performance of Penn’s tricks. She was, for lack of a better word, amazing. Seriously. She didn’t disconnect the entire time we were doing our tricks. She was focused, work hard& made everyone laugh! The best part? She tugged. Amidst all those distractions she was willing to engage with me, work hard& run a smoking fast agility course at the end of the show. I don’t think I have ever been so proud of her.. especially because she worked through my nervousness. I was beyond nervous to emcee because I didn’t really have a game plan for what we were going to do for 15 minutes.. we went through our tricks, showed off some skills& I think the crowd loved it all. I have video of her agility run but it is on my boyfriends’ phone so I can’t share it on here. We have one last performance this evening ..and I’m not sure what kind of focus I’ll get out of her, but I can pinky promise that I will have someone videotape it on my camera so I can upload it here. My beautiful red dog& I are finally working together towards success instead of frustration& I am so, so happy. I can feel the pit in my stomach about new places just melting away& being replaced by contentedness that all our hard work is actually paying off.

Convincing Penn to run the course herself while I snap photos under the jump!

Convincing Penn to run the course herself while I snap photos under the jump!

Like I said, this has been a roller coaster week. The exhibition is always my favourite Cape Breton event& we were so looking forward to doing a demo (since we missed it last year with her getting kennel cough)& then hearing less than a day later that my sweet dog passed away.. it is hard to be excited about one dogs’ success when you’ve just lost another. This evening my demo with Penn will be with Squirt weighing heavy on my heart& knowing that he is probably very happy to be freed from having to do the ridiculous things I used to ask him to do.

I will say, however, I have a deep sadness that I have no beautiful photos of me& my two dogs all together. For someone who takes so many photos, I don’t have one that has all of us in it& that makes my heart break. If you don’t either, go take a snapshot of you with your dog(s) right now. Don’t wait. We all secretly believed Squirt was going to live forever. So I kept putting off taking the time to do photos of the three of us. It is a huge regret now. He is one little dog who left seriously big paw prints on my heart. Thankfully, Penny is here to knock me over& remind me to laugh. Who knew a dog would be the best medication for losing a dog?


2 comments on “Sadness& success

  1. Elissa
    August 19, 2014

    She sounds SO much like Tug – I’m totally going to sign up for the Focus class you mentioned! I would LOVE to see this progress with him!

    • yv0nnej
      August 22, 2014

      I hope the registration period didn’t close for the sign up ..if it did, keep your eyes peeled& they will reoffer it! It was worth all the money for this progress !!

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