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Bring on autumn!

So, I think our month of summer on this little island is officially over! Feels very much like autumn out there ..and that is my favourite time of the year. The leaves get prettier, the temperature is perfect& the only downside is that means soon it will be winter. I am blissfully ignoring that fact for now& just enjoying some delightful weather! Penn had another awesome demo& Garret got it filmed on my iPad. I’m trying to figure out how to get the video uploaded without uploading all the other things on it that I don’t want on my Mac. I’m sure there’s some fancypants iCloud way but I don’t know it for now, you’re just going to have to wait patiently!

Waiting patiently is NOT one of Penn's abilities.

Miss Penny showing us all how pretty she looks while waiting patiently!

Since we have found such success in focus training, it appears that we now need to move back into the world of trials. Next weekend, we are going to be attempting a one day trial. It should be interesting ..I will hopefully have my boyfriend tag along to videotape but if not, that’s okay. I’ll sucker someone into it. Hopefully! It’s just three runs which means I can do the trial& 6hr roundtrip in one day. YAY for no overnight stays! I don’t even mind overnight stays except when I only have Penny& I am pretty sure she’s only going to run away. Makes shelling out the cash for the hotel painful because who likes burning their money?! Not me. I dislike it so much that I haven’t trialed since May 24th. That’s both insane and sad, but when I don’t have a dog to trial with, what is the point?

Of course, that isn’t to say I haven’t been working hard all summer on making her trial ready. Since June, we have been enrolled in Fenzi courses to make trialing easier& more fun for the red dog. I have learned lots, we are seeing big improvements& we need a test run to see where we stand. If we find success at this trial coming up, there are still quite a few more before winter! All our hard work means we aren’t doing much actual agility equipment daily. Last night I set up two jumps& we worked on speed& drive through them with lots of big tug rewards scattered either after one jump or after 5.. just to keep her guessing. I also made sure to reward her while her drive was still up so I didn’t have to see a slowdown in her performance. We did a quick test at Briar’s house to make sure she still remembered weaves& she does (not that I really thought she would forget) so we are just going to keep doing what we’ve been doing until the trial gets here ..go to new places, ask for focus& reward it when given! I see lots of big jackpots in her future for focus.

We also, along with trials coming up, have a seminar coming up. If anyone has been paying attention to this blog, you’ll realize our seminars have not been fantastic aside from one. Well, this is our fifth seminar. I got moved out of the beginner group ..although, honestly I’m not sure why. I think they just feel bad for me being stuck there forever. My dog& I are ready for the bump up into the next level& it was really nice to be told we were moving up, I’m just not sure Penn is actively ready in a new environment. The last time we had the seminar, the place we were at was beautiful. It was also filled with rabbits, wildlife& good smells. Hello, disaster! So here’s hoping that all our hard work over the summer have payed off for us. It will, at the very least, show off our new working relationship. A relationship that is less frustrated, less unhappy& more about finding the fun in it for both of us. I learned that dogs need to acclimate to succeed. This makes sense but I never really thought about it before. Now that I’m thinking about, I feel much more prepared!


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