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Whoa. I haven’t posted in here since September! I guess I sort of lost my motivation for this whole blogging thing. Thankfully, a brutal winter and deep desire to procrastinate has brought me back! Things in the world of Penny are going well. Trial season starts back up at the end of March and it will determine how far we have managed to come as a team and how much further we have to go. Man, it has been so long.. do you guys even remember what Penn looks like?

Winter sucks.

Winter sucks.

There she is! We have started using photo sessions to work on her focus (because two birds, one stone). She is consistently working with me now amid lots of high distractions& with no food/ toy rewards, just personal play. That alone is amazing to me. Rock on, Miss Penny. Our working relationship has come leaps& bounds. I am truly excited (and also anxious, nauseous and impatient) for the first trial. We have both been having so much fun training since taking the impulse control class that I am cautiously optimistic for March.  We are setting low goals with the main hope to have a confident, focused little red dog in the ring. Anything more than that will be icing on the cake for us! I did not bother entering any standard courses’s going to be all steeplechase, gamblers& jumpers for this baby dog.

Now we just have to make it through these next four weeks until the trial. I have some things I need to put in action leading up to it and next weekend will be like a mini-test run for her. We are going to a barn she’s never been in before to run some courses. There will only be a handful of people& dogs but those aren’t really distractions for her as much as the new environment. So here is hoping that even some of the success we have had with focus outside of agility can manage to follow us into agility. I will do my best to get some video of her and will post it regardless of whether it is fabulous or terrible! Keep fingers crossed for fabulous more than terrible. We are very over having terrible agility times.

And, with the publishing of this post, I am officially back on the blogging train.I already know what my next post is going to be about so I promise there will truly be at least one more before I fall off the face of the blogging world again!


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