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Agility adventures


Thank you, everyone, for all your kind words on my last post! Taking a step back from agility has left me feeling strange. What do I do with all my time now?! So far it’s been all photo taking, snuggles and chasing balls. She is happy as a lark and doesn’t seem to be bothered by my decision in the least. In fact, the surplus of photos has meant a surplus of peanut butter in the little red dog’s diet. I think that is a change she has wholeheartedly embraced..

PB+ Penn= hilarity.

PB+ Penn= hilarity.

I am so looking forward to a summer of hiking, running and enjoying warm weather. It is still pretty miserable here on this island but I am hopeful that we will find improvements in that sooner rather than later. In the meantime, we went out this early this morning to try& grab some lovely sunrise photos but it was a terrible fail. The snow was up over my knees. It has a hard icy crust on it resulting in Penn getting a bleeding paw from being stabbed with a chunk of crust. It was a struggle. She is contentedly snoozing on the couch post-walk. Every once in awhile she looks at me with love in her eyes& reminds me that I definitely made the right decision to step away from our stress for the foreseeable future. This little creature is amazing and I do not want to forget that in my haze of frustration!

Since all our goals have been changed for this summer, I am going to need a new list of things to do with the beast to keep us working towards something! I am planning to enter her in the rally trial locally at the end of the summer. Which will be hilarious if nothing else. And also stress free because I have no expectations of anything entering that ring. It should be a fun thing to work towards together once the weather starts to improve. Along with that, I am going to spend a lot of time reading& doing the exercises in the book Control Unleashed.

I do not know how I have never read this book despite hearing amazing things about it consistently. I have since purchased it and made it halfway through. Anyone out there who has read it, do you agree that is a pretty fantastic tool for dogs like Penn? Anyone out there actually worked through the exercises in the book ..especially with a dog with stress issues? I would love to hear some feedback on it from people who have already worked through even some of the book and how much, if any, improvement they saw over the course of it!

I am looking forward to tracking our progress as we work through the different games that are in it! The book seems to describe her perfectly when it talks about what kind of dog it most helps. Environmentally stressed, zooms, disconnects when leash unclips, etc.. I am excited to read the rest and see what kind of progress we can make over the nicer months. Because, honestly, I am doing the bare minimum outside that I need to until the temperature increases and the snow decreases.


Thoughts here!

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