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First off- happy Easter everyone! I am filling this post with Easter-themed photos so I figured I would get started with the basic requirement of Cadbury Vizsla because I find her to be just lovely.

Easter beauty!

Easter beauty!

So on with the regularly (sort of) scheduled post! Most dogs have a few tricks that they can routinely perform. There are the usuals like sit, down, stay, come, give paw and then there are the superstar tricks like play dead, limp, crawl and a ton of others. Penn is far from a master of tricks but we have about 30 or so that she can bust out at any minute. Some are useful (like when she can bring any number of named toys)& some are impressive (backwards leg weaves) but most have no real value other than being a fun way to interact with her! Teaching your dog tricks is a really fabulous way to bond with them, build a working relationship and also to impress your neighbours ;)

Freeze means don't move a muscle!

Freeze means don’t move a muscle!

What are your favourite tricks for a dog to know? Penn knows some pretty complicated tricks but I’m always surprised that people seem to love some of the ‘easier’ tricks to train! People love to watch her spin in either direction, target my hand when it’s up high or bow. All three are simple but also undeniably fun& cute! My favourite Penny trick is line-up.. which is where she runs behind me& stands between my legs& stays there no matter where I move. I really need to photograph more of her tricks!

Along with all the tricks Penn knows, she has about another 30 tricks that I haven’t actually managed to finish teaching yet. I blame my lack of ability to follow through without end goals. These are tricks that I have started training but never actually made it to the point of putting them on command consistently. My favourite not-quite-there trick is limp. It is so funny because whenever Penn wants something really badly, she defaults to this trick. And since she hasn’t mastered all of it yet she can only lift her front right paw, look at it sadly, stand up& then put it down immediately to take a step forward. I am patiently waiting for her to teach herself to limp forward but so far it has been several months and she has not figured it out yet ;)

She doesn't always listen..

She doesn’t always listen..

It didn’t take long before I learned certain tricks were very handy when it comes to taking photos so those are the tricks that she performs the most consistently because they are the most often used! What do the dogs you guys own or meet seem to have mastered? If you own a dog, what was the first trick you taught them purely for fun? What is the trick that was the most fun to teach your pup and what trick brings you the most joy?


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