Copper and Chaos

Agility adventures


This is the main star of the blog, Penny! She’s my almost three year old Vizsla. I wanted this breed for years before finally getting this girly. She has been everything I hoped for and then some! We have had struggles and once or twice considered trading her in for a new model but I’m glad we stuck it out. She is absolutely perfect for me. She’s the best running partner I’ve ever had, she is finally finding her footing in the agility world& my favourite thing about her? Our early morning and late night snuggles! Not to mention she tolerates all the crazy, bizarre things I ask her to do for photo ops and just to generally amuse myself.

She is seriously the best!

Very fashion forward!


One comment on “Penny

  1. worldwidewhislers
    March 30, 2015

    What a cutie pie!!

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